Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why this project?

The Weekly Dig interviewed me this weekend- fingers crossed the story will be out next week - and the why and how of this project has been something that I have been asked a ton lately. I feel slightly uncomfortable speaking about it because I feel strongly that I am more like the ringleader, that sans contributors and artists, this would still just be an idea, not a book. That said, here goes...

This cookbook project stemmed from a Boston-based online message board for arts and music. I asked members if they would be interested in purchasing such a book, then asked about contributions and then it snowballed from there. People jumped in with printing, publishing, editing, InDesign knowledge and experience. Others helped spread the word and drum up recipes and work to book a venue for a release party and a show. Still more have looked into working with local bookstores to get the final product on shelves.

I have been continuously amazed by the amount of time and dedication that so many people have been willing to donate to this project. From the amazing layout, design & editing work of both Martin Pavlinic & Nellie McKesson, to Brian's cover and the 36 other contributors who gracious donated their recipes and artwork... I still feel like I do not have enough words to appropriately say "thank you."

I chose The Greater Boston Food Bank as the recipient of all of the proceeds because they are a huge organization that works to distribute food to 600 hunger-relief agencies in eastern Massachusetts. Founded in 1981, they move 30 million pounds of food, which reach over 320,000 people annually. In 2008, the GBFB's Needs Survey found that 90.1% of the participating organizations saw an increase in demand for food. This large, broad-sweeping organization helps keep smaller, local soup kitchens, shelters, programs and food pantries supplied and running. This emphasis on helping support existing programs - located within communities - is essential. (If you aren't able to afford enough food, having a food bank 10 miles away, means that you need time, a way to get there, and if you don't have a car or money for gas, then you are limited to transporting what you can carry - if you are lucky enough to be on a bus line.)

It is more often than not, that this time of year people consider making donations, but the reality is, people are going hungry in this state every day. So while I am elated that this book is going to come out in time for the holiday season, my hope is that it will continue to gain momentum and be a sustainable project and we can keep contributing to the Greater Boston Food Bank long after the snow has melted.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about how and where to purchase the book!
And if you happen to know a thing or two about inventory systems that work with either PayPal or Google CheckOut, please teach me the way.

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  1. This is so cool - I am looking forward to buying a copy. Congrats Kristina!